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  • -AED4.25

Kabab Sandwish Combo

AED23.25 AED19.00
AED19.00 1
Two skewers of kebab halabi fresh lamb meat with halabi bewaz in Lebanese bread served with...
  • -AED6.00

Combo Crispy Sandwich

AED26.00 AED20.00
AED20.00 meal
Crispy sandwich with delicious tortilla bread and shaed cheese served with a soft drink + sweet...
  • -AED3.25

Combo Chicken Makina

AED31.25 AED28.00
AED28.00 1
Half a grilled chicken on the machine with the original Aleppo mixture served with french fries,...
  • -AED3.25

Chicen Crispy Combo

AED35.25 AED32.00
AED32.00 meal
Crispy Chicken Fingers [5 Pieces]Served with Sliced Fried Potatoes+Coleslaw+Garlic Sauce+Spicy...